An Academic Collaborative Across 4 Universities

Research Highlights

The Triangle Model for evaluating the effect of health information technology on healthcare quality and safety.

HITEC Investigators recently published a paper in JAMIA that describes the Triangle Model, a framework for designing studies to evaluate quality and safety outcomes of health IT.

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Evaluating health information technology in community-based settings: lessons learned.

HITEC Investigators recently published a study in JAMIA describing lessons learned from evaluating  community-based health IT initiatives.  The findings represent practical recommendations for researchers interested in pursuing similar collaborations.

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Healthcare Consumers' Attitudes Towards Physician and Personal Use of Health Information Exchange.

In a study recently published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, HITEC Investigators found that 67% of health consumers supported physician use of health information exchange (HIE), and 58% reported interest in using HIE themselves.

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